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Spiral Wrap can be made in custom sizes, colors and materials.

Custom Spiral Wrap

Protective Banding

Spiral Wrap

American Extruded Plastics, Inc is a leader in the production of custom plastic spiral wrap and protective banding. Useful in applications from electrical, telecommunications, mechanical, medical, and the marine industries, our spiral wrap is a practical and affordable solution for your company.

American Extruded Plastics is proud to produce spiral wrap custom-made to suit your company's needs. We will manufacture custom banding with both the dimension and thickness your company requires, in any custom color suited for your use, and cut to a custom length.

We extrude plastic spiral wrap and banding in a range of materials from durable Nylon to affordable Polypropylene. We also have a number of additives which can add UV stabilization, fire resistance, and flexibility/stiffness to your custom wrap.

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