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An image of a small selection of the many thicknesses of extruded tubing we provide.

a picture demonstrating clear profiles, one of our many capabilities.

A picture of clear and blue plastic tubing.

AE Plastics - Extruded Plastics

At American Extruded Plastics Inc., we provide full assembly of our manufactured products. This photo of a complicated part assembly demonstrates our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


At American Extruded Plastics "no defects" means "no defects." It's part of our mission.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 company that proudly takes on projects with specifications so difficult most of our competitors simply could not produce the parts. But we never sacrifice quality. Our Quality Assurance Process is part of everything we do from material handling and floor production to job management.

Our Process

From the moment an order arrives we work to ensure your order is acknowledged and completed as quickly and completely as possible.

Our commitment to quality doesn't end with production. We continue to monitor the on-time delivery of our products, make our return and customer comment processes easier and conduct customer satisfaction surveys.